Some Birthday Funnies

— Earlier today after running errands Lincoln asked if we could go to the Dollar Store. I told him no, we had to go home and have some quiet time. I hear this terrible “life is so unfair!” groan from the backseat.

“But Moooooooom, it is your BIRTHDAY. We are supposed to do fun stuff when it is your birthday!”

Exactly. Which is why I did not take four kids to the dollar store and we went home and had quiet time.


— Luca gave me a darling handmade card that she made for me last night. Inside it said:

“At least you’re not turning 100 because you would be very old! Since your not turning 100 you might as well let the kids pick where to eat and let us not go to school.

p.s. It took me a while to make this card so you better like it!” (I can so hear her tone of voice as she wrote that.)

— While waiting in the car in front of the pizza parlor I hear a pounding on my window and I look out to see Luca’s red angry face.

“Dad didn’t get the breadsticks I like. This is supposed to a birthday dinner and I don’t even like the parmesan kind!”

I had to stop and process that for a minute. I’m pretty sure we were there to pick up my birthday dinner. The breadsticks were my request!

— As I was driving Luca to piano lessons today she asked me what I wanted for my birthday. In typical mom fashion I told that when we got home I wanted the kids to clean the house for me without fighting. These were their responses:

Luca: Oh. I thought you would want a Webkinz.

Lincoln: You can’t have whatever you want just because it is your birthday, ya know.

Anna: (with much enthusiasm) Okay! When we get home I am going to go right in and clean the house!

I think Anna might get ice cream for breakfast after the other kids go to school in the morning.

— For my birthday Kai wrestled with me on the living room floor. I had to laugh as he growled and charged my head as I lay helpless on the floor. I didn’t laugh, however, as he grabbed hair from each side of my head and pulled with all of his might. I could hear popping as the hair detached from my scalp. I could feel the stinging and the burn as he filled his chubby little hands with L’Oreal Ash Blonde colored curls.

The good news. A lot of what he grabbed was pinned back in a barrette, so what didn’t come out of my head broke off at the barrette instead.

Kai’s gift to me: A new “signature Kai” layered hairdo.

(photo courtesy of Jessica N. Diamond)


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