Mourning My Maui Jim’s


Boy do I miss my sunglasses. Brett bought me my first pair of really nice Maui Jim’s three years ago and I have not gone a day without them….besides those days that I never leave the house…which sadly is too many to count. They were comfortable on my nose and ears and were very light weight. I had the rose tinted lenses and they were light enough when wearing them that I didn’t have to take them off when the sun went behind the clouds or we drove through a tunnel, but dark enough to keep me from squinting even on the sunniest days.

Well, pregnancy brain caught up with me and I somehow left them at the snack bar of the movie theatre a couple of weeks ago. By the time the movie was over and I realized they were missing from my purse they were long gone. They would have been in their case some somebody must have noticed the “Maui Jim” on the case and snagged them. I was hopeful that somebody would turn them in and I would get a phone call saying I could come pick them up, but after a couple of days I realized they were gone for good. As disappointed as I was to lose them I felt really crushed that nobody would turn them into lost and found. I lost my purse once, left my brand new Coach wallet in a food court at the mall, and misplaced my day planner numerous times as a teenager…and they were always turned in. I think most people are honest and I just happened to leave them at the wrong time and in the wrong place.

So I bought a new pair of $20 sunglasses at Fred Myer tonight to get me by until I feel worthy enough to get another nice pair. I thought of going mid range and getting a bit of a nicer pair without breaking the bank, but I know that nothing would compare so I will just wait until I trust myself with another pair of the exact same ones I had!

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