Brain Quest Bargain



I found some fun learning games at Costco a few weeks ago called Brain Quest and my kids LOVE them. I thought it was a pretty good deal for about $7 (they are $10.95 on the website). Each package contained two sets of cards (of the same level) held together by a grommet. There are 85 sets of answer and question cards per package. The first card contains questions and the card behind it has the answers and so on. The set for ages 3–4 had simple questions such as, “Which pair would you use to go ice-skating?” and it has a picture of skis, ice-skates, and roller-skates. Of course, my three and four year old kids can’t read so I have gone through the cards with them several times, but now they know them well enough that they like to flip through them themselves or quiz each other. It includes questions on colors, patterns, sequencing, alphabet, and other preschool appropriate subjects. I also bought sets for the 4–5, 5–6, 6–7, and 7–8 age groups and Luca has loved reading through them with me, reading them on her own or reading them to her brother and sister. Lincoln keeps one or two by his bed to look through at night and they all like


to take them in the car.

I noticed on the Brain Quest website there are many sets that are not offered at Costco, so I will be watching for more to purchase to hold onto for stocking stuffers this Christmas.

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