Sudoku — A Total Time Killer…But A Lot of Fun


So I am slightly addicted to Sudoku Gridmaster for the Nintendo DS. While I was on bed rest and those nights I have had contractions and been up late timing them it has helped to kill the time and help keep my mind calm. The thing I don’t get is this. I have no problem with the easy puzzles. I fact, I have completed almost all of them now. I can get through the difficult ones too…but I end up having to start over on a lot of the medium difficulty puzzles and have not completed very many of them…that doesn’t make much sense to me. I am more confident I will get through a difficult one without frustration that a medium one.

It is a fun game though and I plan on taking it to the hospital with me to pass time since I can’t stand to watch television there without Tivo!

I noticed it didn’t have great reviews on Amazon, but I would give it four out of five stars if I were to rate it. A couple of reviews mentioned that they like the Sudoku that is on Brain Age better, but I feel the opposite. It has been so long since I even played the Brain age version I don’t even remember why I prefer Gridmaster, but I have been happy with it. My only complaint is that if you save a game you are working on you can’t start another without deleting the one you started. It would be nice to have more than one save slot.


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