Washing Your Hair Naturally

I have another old-fashioned recipe to share with you that I have been testing out for the past few weeks. I got it from this site, which is where I also got the recipe for cleaning hard floors. What a great website!

I have washed my hair a few times with one tablespoon of baking soda dissolved in a cup of warm water. It sounds strange, but it is worth the try! I have naturally curly hair, but not curly enough that I don’t have to soak it all kinds of product so it isn’t frizzy or yucky looking. The first time I used this recipe my hair felt so…clean. Cleaner than with shampoo. It felt like it stripped off all of the chemicals from my regular shampoo, conditioner, curling cream, and styling gel. I didn’t even use conditioner with it the first time and I loved the way it looked and felt when it dried naturally. I have used a little bit of leave-in conditioner the other times I have used it, but I still love the difference.

I will continue to use this two or three times a week to get the really thorough clean feel. It will also help me feel less guilty about buying the expensive shampoo and conditioner that I like because I will be using a lot less of it.

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